About Delusions of Miniature

My intrinsic response to tiny houses is much like my reaction to most tiny things–”That’s so adorable! I want one!” This reaction does not exactly consider the quantity of half-completed “projects” I have strewn about my house or all the very-important wardrobe items I keep but wear only once every few years.

The definition of tiny house is somewhat variable. It is definitely a house of less than 1000 square feet, but often it seems to refer to houses of less than 300 square feet (with houses between 300 and 1000 square feet being defined as merely “small”).  Generally built on trailers and they tend to be very mobile. Unlike conventional trailer homes, they more closely resemble the classic vernacular home designs–Victorian styles seem to be especially popular.

This blog chronicles my love of these and other small living spaces, my aspirations to one day live in a tiny house, and the delusions that support such day dreams.


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