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Since my mum sent me that link to the modern sheep wagons I’ve been reminded of this Readymade article: Have House, Will Travel.

I’ve decided to look through their website, Whittled Down,. Perhaps the most exciting thing to come of this venture, was that I discovered the website of Jim Tolpin which was used as a source for the creation of the Whittled Down wagon. I very quickly noticed a few things from learning about Jim Tolpin and I think you may be able to spot them in the following photographs:

Wagon from Jim Tolpin's site

Wagon interior from Jim Tolpin's site

1. Jim Tolpin is an incredibly skilled woodworker. And luckily he has published a few books!

2. His design of what he refers to as a “Gypsy Wagon” bears striking resemblance to the Idaho Basque wagons, with the bed toward the back wall and a table that comes out. It also has a similar stove for heating and cooking. This makes me curious about which nomadic peoples the word “Gypsy” may be referring to and how many of them used similar designs for their wagons and how might this information have been transferred? Obviously being nomadic might help…

3. There is a wealth of ideas for living in a small house to be found in studying nomadic wagons such as these. They are so cleverly designed! And so beautiful!

4. Arched roofs provide such a huge living space for a small amount of area.

Expect more inspiration where this came from!


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