So, I am kind of a big fan of Tiny Texas Houses. I love how they use salvage. I think they are going to be the next big thing in tiny living, Jay Shafer better start making some innovations, or Brad Kittel might become the new king of the tiny kingdom…or maybe the Bishop, since he just posted the plans for bride and groom houses to match the tiny chapel created by Tiny Texas Houses.

There are sketches of various aspects of the plans for the groom house, such as the one below, which explains how the electricity is put in.

Also, they just posted an update about the essay contest, with the grand prize of a Tiny Texas Worker House (pictured below). You may recall that I wrote a in which I detailed my fondness for Tiny Texas Houses and my desire that enough people enter the contest for someone to be declared the winner.

Here is the latest update on the contest, per their website:
“UPDATE 08/16/2011: We are over three hundred and expecting the entry rate to accelerate as the end comes near. Procrastination is irresistible We are seriously considering reducing the number of entries needed to give away the house to 750 entries. Our goal is to be able to give it away so tell your friends and lets get this count up in the next two weeks. September 3rd, 2011 is the deadline for the final round…

Also, for those who enter, we are including a set of plans for the house, plans for the custom stairs on the inside of the house as well as the unique stairs for the front of the porch. These are heavily photo documented so as to show anyone how to build one. There will also be a free copy of my E-book when it comes out and excerpts from that book will be included in the building plans for the house that everyone receives as a bonus for entering. All included, the extras would cost more than the entry fee if sold individually. I consider the people entering the contest as our first supporters of our new Pure Salvage Living site that will be launched and they will likely be getting freebees shipped to them whenever they are made available to anyone else in the future. We appreciate your support.”

Also, rather excitingly, Brad Kittel commented on my post about the essay contest from earlier this month. So make sure you submit an essay to the contest! You may even gain (slightly famous) traffic on your blog by talking about it!

Yours ever,

Cap’n Delusional