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Check out these crazy Austrian hotel modules. I really like the Make summary,

“I love the idea of using drain pipe sections as small outdoor structures. I have no idea if it’s really all that cost-effective. My guess is that the pipe itself is pretty cheap, but getting it where you want it to be is not. But high cool points.”

According to the website, it sounds like the pipes weren’t moved very far as the area of the park used to be a sanitation plant.

I love how the image at the back makes the whole thing look like some kind of giant telescope. I also like the space under the bed, which I assume is good for storing luggage. I do really wonder about the bathrooms though…apparently they are provided in the park. It is also kind of cool that it is all “pay as you wish.”

Learn more from MAKE | Drain Pipe Hotel. Or check out the Hotel Park’s website, Das Park Hotel

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