Before I started this blog, I had no idea how many great tiny house ideas could be found on the This Old House Website. Check out for example this This Old Studio Apartment.

While much larger than a true tiny house, this studio shows some ingenious adaptations and definitely some ideas for a tiny house. I know most tiny housers are about living simply, not having clutter, etc, but one of the things I love about this apartment is how much stuff this guy has crammed into it. Check out these magazine racks, below, for example.

He also made this shelf unit that wraps around a loft space.

Here is the inside of the loft:

I love the little dresser and how he incorporated Antique furniture.

I also love how he crams crazy stuff everywhere, like his coffee table has a wine rack underneath, his TV stand is a cat house, his filing cabinets are near the kitchen. Yet, somehow it seems to work for him.

I love it. Because I’m Cap’n Delusional.