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Hey y’all. I’m sorry, but I love galley kitchens. In my opinion they are the most efficient kitchen design. My love of galley kitchens is going to get very personal, but first let me tempt you with some food for the eyes, since this is foodweek.

Click the image to look at ten beautiful galley kitchens from Apartment Therapy

For those unfamiliar with the term, a galley kitchen is a long, narrow kitchen shape where the workspaces and appliances hug the walls. What I love most about the design is how easy it is to go from workspace to workspace. You can check something on the stove and then, by spinning around, chop something on a cutting board, or wash something in the sink. I find that many industrial and professional kitchens are designed around the galley model and I think this speaks to it’s efficiency.

My most favoritest kitchen that I ever cooked in was a galley kitchen, and I seamlessly prepped huge dinners from that little kitchen. My current kitchen and other kitchens I have known are two, three, four times as large, and ten, twelve, fourteen times as frustrating.

Below is the kitchen I loved.

the kitchen i loved

This is my current kitchen, which I hate.

Note how the workable spaces of my favorite kitchen and my current kitchen are about the same, yet (you will have to trust be because I didn’t really draw to scale) my current kitchen is two or three times the size of the galley kitchen I loved and lost.

I would also like to note that my galley kitchen had a gas stove and my current kitchen has an electric and I do prefer gas. Electric stoves are evil and dangerous.

I realize that even the smallest of these galley kitchens, and my favorite kitchen ever, are almost as big as a classic tiny house, such as those created by Tumbleweed Houses. However, I still have faith (and delusions), that a tiny house could be designed with a galley-style kitchen. I mean, after all, aren’t galley kitchens named for their resemblance of kitchens on boats? And don’t boats tend to be models for living in tiny spaces? And doesn’t my love of tiny houses stem from my deep-seated childhood dreams of living in a houseboat with my sister?!

Look how much stuff was crammed into this galley on an Airbus!

I really like this galley kitchen design, below, and how it also makes a transition to the next room using a small eating area. I think it might be a good starting place for creating a tiny-house design built around a galley-style kitchen.

Here is a floor-plan of the kitchen. Note how it looks much larger than it is (the kitchen is 87 sq ft).

Keep your kitchens ship-shaped!

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