Ok, y’all.

Today, I did a little looksee on the webs and what I found confirmed my belief that there is a serious lack of good information about food and tiny houses. The lack is so great that it is making me a little worried that I really am deluded about this whole tiny-house thing. Here are the sources I found:

1. The Perks of a Tiny Kitchen from the TinyHouseBlog.com.

Review: Seems to me the main perk is you are forced to eat fresh food. The other perks seem to be extensions of either the perks of living in a tiny house (heating/cooling savings, less cleaning) or the perks of eating fresh food.

2. Issue number 9 of the Small Living Journal: Food and Cooking.

Review: Again, most articles in this issue emphasize perks of not storing and thus eating fresh food. As a person who loves floor plans (see below) and maximizing efficiency, I did enjoy the article, “The Splendid Kitchenette.” When I first encountered this issue I was hopeful that it would have great foodie tips, I was a little disappointed. There wasn’t even really any food porn!

3.The website TinyHouseCooking.com.

Review: This was kind of exciting because it is all about recipes. I love the concept, but so far there are only a handful of recipes on the website. I was drawn in immediately by the concept of one-pot stove-top lasagna, but then the other recipes seemed pretty average.

4.The Stone Soup 5 Ingredient Recipes

Review: I was referred here by Michael Janzen’s postings on TinyHouseDesign.com. These recipes seem pretty good and I love the concept of 5 ingredients or less, but this List of ingredients for a “Minimalist” Kitchenseems way too long. This stuff could never fit in a tiny house. And where are the multitaskers? The kinds of tools Mark Bittman and Lynne Rossetto Kasper talk about?!

Please see my next post, for some of my favorite multi-taskers in the kitchen.


A very hungry Cap’n Delusional