Okay. It is clear I am getting cranky. I find that this often happens when I don’t get enough food. Since I’m spending a lot of time criticizing, I will give four space-saving tool-tips, one for each mean review I gave of the literature on food in tiny houses. These are some of my favorite multi-function kitchen items. In general, you can assume that if I say an item can be used in the place of other item I mean that in a tiny kitchen you can cut that other BS. Please note also that I, like Julia Child, am a fan of peg-board.

1. You can use cast-iron skillets in the oven and on the stove-top. I use mine for baking bread and pizza, and sometimes even cookies and bread. I also use it in place of a tofu press before frying tofu.  They are pretty enough to put on the dining room table (using a trivet of course). They are handy as weapons. In a fight between a non-stick skillet and a cast-iron skillet, the cast-iron skillet will clearly win because it is heavier, lives longer and is more attractive.

2. Flat graters are genius and those round, boxy and triangular graters are stupid. However it must be said that many three-dimensional graters do look really cool which is why they should be reformed as shades for light fixtures, like this cool one my sister made…but I digress. Flat graters store in a small space because they are flat, and can be easily hung on the wall or against a magnetic knife strip. Most geniusly, they are very effective for straining pasta. If you want to completely remove colanders from your life, you could just put anything needing washing into a bowl and then strain it with the flat grater. Colanders also make interesting lamp shades.

3. Glass jars are beautiful and handy for storage. They can also be used as drinking glasses and for measuring liquids (many come with measurements marked on the side), so you can toss out your measuring cups. They range from cheap to free, depending on whether you buy them new or choose to reuse them.

4. Have one beautiful ceramic pie plate. These are beautiful and ceramic which means you can use them to bring a side dish to a Thanksgiving dinner and they will look good. Also if you get one with deep sides they are great for making frittatas, souffles, lasagnas and other casseroles. You can also use them for cake-making or bread baking. Also they are good for pies.

Yours ever,

Cap’n Delusional