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While tempting to believe, I cannot fool you readers into thinking my mind is any kind of match for Instructables. Clearly, something as great as Instructables can only come from the combined forces of many minds.

Nonetheless it is pretty exciting that while I have decided that it is Foodweek on the Delusions of Miniature Blog, Instructables has chosen their Weekly Challenge: The Toaster Oven. The challenge is pretty broad, saying that any Instructable about how to “Use, reuse, modify, or build your own toaster oven” is eligible. However, I am hoping that this contest will turn out some great toaster oven recipes or toaster oven modifications that would be useful in a tiny kitchen.

For those not yet familiar with Instructables, please take a look around. They are a big show and tell where people submit “Instructables” which are basically super instructions. There are lots of contests to encourage the sharing of ideas and to try and keep the Instructables clear, well photographed, and otherwise easy to understand.  It is a great way to learn to do anything from the zaney to the mundane.

Interestingly enough, I went over to the Instructables website because it is a pretty good source of recipes for limited kitchens. One of my favorite authors for cooking in a small space is Trebuchet03. He had a series of Instructables called Collegiate Meals which have great tips for cooking in small spaces with limited appliances and tools. Even though I am not a huge meat-eater, one of my favorites is this Instructable for cooking cornish hens in a toaster oven.

So everyone, stay tuned for more toaster oven goodness as the week progresses!

Yours ever,

Cap’n Delusional