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Hello Friends,

All my closest mates will tell you, I love food. Today I had the pleasure of eating with one of my friends who also loves food–in fact, love of food is the wind that fills the sails of many of my strongest friendships. We started talking about cookbook author Mark Bittman and his articles about the size of his kitchen.

Cooking is certainly something that, in my opinion, tiny house builders and dwellers don’t seem to talk about enough. It is also one of the main things people bring up when they are trying to convince me I am insane for thinking I could live in a tiny house (as I mentioned previously my friends tend to love food).
Mark Bittman says we don’t need to worry so much about the size of our kitchens, we just have to worry about loving food. See for example: So Your Kitchen is Tiny. So What? from December 13, 2008 or Mark Bittman’s Bad Kitchen from November 20, 2008. So.. No worries, mates!

Here is a picture of Bittman in his kitchen.

For a long time I was going to make a website or youtube series with my sister called Tiny Chef, it was going to be about how you can cook small portions (for one or two people) with minimal appliances–a toaster oven, a single burner. Experience living in a tiny house could really help me achieve this goal.

I’m realizing I have a lot to say about food, so I propose that this week is dedicated to food and tiny house delusions.

Smell ya later, especially if you smell delicious stir-fry,

Cap’n Delusional