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Dear Readers,

At some point you will all be subjected to the myriad ways in which Popular Mechanics inspired me as a young sailor obsessed with the idea of building a houseboat with my sister. In fact, one day you will get to see the plans that we drew out for house boat interiors and furniture that could multi-task or collapse away. Furniture not unlike this chair/step-stool from Popular Mechanics. They have a complete tutorial and animated walk-through with plans.

 Ben Franklin, invented this library ladder and chair, though for some reason this invention has not resounded through history quite as loudly as some of his other reading-related inventions, most notably bi-focals.

Too bad it would probably be difficult to proportion one of these so that it can reach a loft space, a common feature of tiny homes. Still as a multifunctional piece of furniture that helps you deal with vertical storage, it could be pretty handy in a small space.

Yours ever,

Cap’n Delusional

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