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Ok, y’all. Firstly, let me introduce you all to my new Tiny House Superhero, Brad Kittel. This man has founded a Tiny Texas Houses, a company with the goal of building pure-salvage tiny homes.  As Kittel states on his website,

“I believe that there are presently enough building materials sitting on the ground to build much of the next generation of housing. All it takes to make it so is pure human energy, spirit, and the desire to build something that will last for several lifetimes.” -Brad Kittel.

This guy is cool. I mean check out this gorgeous slideshow from This Old House.

If you aren’t yet convinced of his amazing powers to revolutionize the tiny-house movement, then please check out and PARTICIPATE in the Tiny Texas Houses ESSAY CONTEST (Deadline: September 3rd, 2011) where you have the chance to win the Tiny Texas Worker House (pictured above). This house is valued at about $40,000 dollars.

Essay Contest @ Tiny Texas Houses.

Okay okay, yes, there is a $50 dollar fee to participate in the contest. But here is the thing: you get an e-book and a plan for building a house like the Worker house. That is a pretty cool deal. I mean, I bought the Small House Book by Jay Shafer for $40 bucks and his house plans cost hundreds of dollars and he doesn’t have any houses he is giving away with the book! Also, Brad Kittel isn’t just about tiny houses, he is also about salvage. Pure Salvage. Don’t you wanna learn more about salvage? I don’t know, I personally think $50 isn’t a bad investment when you consider the general cost of tiny-house-related publications.

Apparently Mr. Kittel has been having trouble getting enough people to enter his contest, which is a shame. Perhaps I should ask him more in-depth about his e-book instead of just hypothesizing about its content and worth compared to other books about tiny houses.

But please enter the contest. You may find it inspiring! In fact, it inspired me to finally start this blog that I had been putting off for years.

Yours ever,

Cap’n Delusional