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While not exactly a tiny house, I really loved this article in ReadyMade Magazine: Camping Out At Home. Certainly it would fit under the headline Delusions of Miniature even if it isn’t a tiny house.

Check out the full photo slideshow and article. It’s pretty cool. But perhaps I am mostly impressed because I believe my fascination with tiny houses is rooted in the kinds of small spaces I tried to make for myself growing up in a house that was overwhelmingly large for a less than seven-year old.

As someone who identifies age-wise with Mary Martin’s version of Peter Pan, I realize that I will probably still be perceived as a 13 year-old boy when I am 50 so I long ago decided to embrace this by staying young at heart. As Picasso said, “It takes a long time to become young.” So in a way, I’m actually really mature. I mean considering I’m only 25 it is pretty impressive that I am a middle-aged woman playing a boy who won’t grow up. Whoa talk about tangent. But anyway, I think those of us who have to live in apartments or houses or buildings that are way too large should learn from Terri Chiao’s example and remember that forts, cabins and tents can be grounding and fantastic at the same time.

Keep on building forts,

Cap’n Delusional