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I won’t lie. I am a total sucker for stuff that is multifunctional–leatherman knives, dremel tools, kitchen gadgets, you name it! In fact as a kid I was TOTALLY obsessed with a certain Japanese inventions, which, if you really get down to it, had pretty stupid multifunctions. For example, my sister gave me this little car that also had a tiny sweeper inside, so that, in addition to being a (mostly pointless) little car that you can vroom vroom around, it also (fairly uselessly) would make sure that any very small crumbs would (mostly) be caught inside it’s little sweeper-dustbin. Therefore, wherever the car went would be (mostly) clean of very small debris. See?! So useful!

Anyway, something that really is clever and can be frequently spotted in tiny houses is the bathroom/shower. That is, a bathroom, which, simultaneously has the capability to act as a shower area–the whole bathroom is the whole shower! Genius!

My friend Hannah, of the blog HeyHannahHowsChina, has suggested that I (duh!) explain a little bit about what is a tiny house. The definition of tiny house is somewhat variable. It is definitely a house of less than 1000 square feet, but often it seems to refer to houses of less than 300 square feet (with houses between 300 and 1000 square feet being defined as merely “small”). Tiny houses are often like suped-up trailer homes. Generally built on trailers and they tend to be very mobile. Unlike conventional trailer homes, they more closely resemble the classic vernacular home designs–Victorian styles seem to be especially popular.

Within the mainstream, probably the most famous designer of tiny houses is Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. He is also, to the best of my knowledge, one of the major proponents of bathroom/shower designs in tiny houses, in the US (clearly he competes with a lot of people for this distinction). Check out this video tour of one of his tiny houses, which also demonstrates the bathroom/shower combo.

My friend Hannah, who (as you may have inferred from her website) is living in China, says that her apartment in Beijing also features a bathroom that doubles as a shower, these being very common in China. I have another friend who taught English in South Korea who reports that they have similar bathroom/showers.

Hannah sent me these pictures, above, of her bathroom in Beijing. She says, “I can prob take better pics, but if you notice the shower is right above the toilet.”

Gotta go! Nature calls!

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