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After long obsessing about tiny houses, I have recently started to do something about it. I have decided to blog about my obsession, so that the whole world-wide web will be able to suffer/share in this obsession.

Or perhaps I should say delusion. In the past couple years, the mainstream has been introduced to how great tiny houses are (for example this article from The New Yorker) and from empirical research I have found that there are basically two main reactions to such news:

1. “WHAT? ARE THEY CRAZY?! WHO COULD LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT!??!!! The horror…the horror…”


2. “Yes! This could be a great way for me to live because it is very ______.” [Where blank can be filled in with eco-friendly, affordable, or mobile as the case may be.]

Unlike the two reactions above, my intrinsic response to tiny houses is much like my reaction to most tiny things–“That’s so adorable! I want one!” This reaction does not exactly consider the quantity of half-completed “projects” I have strewn about my house or all the very-important wardrobe items I keep but wear only once every few years–“But I have to keep that fish-shaped tie for when there is an ugly tie contest!” or “I have to keep that white sweater for my five-year reunion.” I also keep a lot of smaller items because “someone gave it to me because they love me very much and they wanted me to remember our time together” although at this point, I’m not quite sure who or why, but I know that out of duty to that person (good old whatsitsface) I have to keep that keepsake, forever.

However, I justify my “That’s adorable and I want one” impulse with some better excuses, like that it would be AWESOME to be able to say that I…
1. Built my own house. In an ideal world I would know how everything in my little universe was made and how to fix it.
2. Use a tank of propane every couple months to heat it.
3. Can move my house wherever I want to.
4. Can live in a space smaller than some people’s closets.
5. Can own a house even though I don’t really have money and seem to move every three years.
6. Am organized enough to live in a tiny house.
7. Have the right kind of materialism to live in a tiny house.

And the list goes on and on. don’t worry. You will have plenty of time to learn more about the reasons why I love tiny houses and why I’m not the ideal candidate for having one in the near future. Stay tuned!

Yours Truly,

Cap’n Delusional